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Regulator 1st + 2nd Stage/DIN


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Connection: DIN 300 bar

Sandblasted brass, matte chrome finish

Ports: 2 HP 7/16UNF, 4 LP 3/8UNF

Membrane compensated design including dry sealing of the first stage

Emission of cold reduced by the dry sealing

Adjustable Venturi to prevent freeflow on the surface and to reduce inhalation effort during the dive

Adjustment knob to select your personal inhalation comfort

Exhaust valve and cover offers minimum resistance

LP hose tested for a maximum pressure of 34 bar

Front cover is designed to prevent freeflow in strong currents

Mouthpiece made of high-end silicone

Average breathing work for complete regulator: 0.86 J/L

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Dive Regulator 1st + 2nd Stage TR-80-INT 01 GB


For the most demanding divers in terms of reliability, performance and capabilities.

The compensated membrane design includes dry sealing of the first stage. Its structural design of solid for brass makes it ideal to minimize the emission of cold. This structural thickness is important for delaying any possible freezing of the first stage on the surface. This feature is even more important for preventing the first stage from freezing during the dive.

The second stage is recommended for technical divers in high-level dives. The adjustable Venturi (dive/predive) has been prioritized in its design to prevent free flow on the surface and to reduce inhalation effort during the dive. The adjustment knob allows you to set your personal inhalation comfort. To provide comfortable and easy exhalation, the exhaust valve and cover offers minimum resistance, and the deflector has been designed to reduce bubbles on the diver’s face.

The LP hose is tested for a maximum pressure of 34 bar. The mouthpiece is made of high-end anti-allergic silicone for maximum comfort. The breathing work of the first and second stage TR-80 is an average of 0.86 J/L.

Dive Regulator 1st + 2nd Stage TR-80-DIN 02 GB
TR-80, TR-81-DIN sketch drawing of the functions
TR-80, TR-83 sketch drawing of the functions 02
TR-80, TR-83 sketch drawing of the functions 01
TR-80, TR-83 sketch drawing of the functions 04

Frontcover TR:
This special design of the front cover prevents unwanted blow-off of the second stage when diving with strong currents or with strong fast scooters. The dynamic pressure cannot affect the inhalation membrane because the front cover has no water inlet openings at the front. The necessary inlets are located on the side, allowing the ambient pressure to act on the inhalation membrane and ensure correct operation.

Compensated second stage:
The compensation of the second stage ensures that regardless of the residual pressure in the cylinder, your inhalation comfort remains comfortable.

1. Controllable Venturi Effect:
By setting this to “-“, the Venturi effect is attenuated so that the second stage does not unintentionally blow off on land. Under water, the Venturi effect is then increased on the “+” setting, allowing for easy and comfortable inhalation.

2. Response Resistance Adjustment:
Every diver has a personal perception of the “optimal” inhalation resistance. Using the adjustment knob, everyone finds the best personal setting and thus maximum breathing comfort.

TR-80, TR83 03
TR-80-INT Mouthpiece

Our mouthpiece is also our own development and made of anti-allergic silicone. It guarantees a firm and comfortable fit in the jaw and can be changed in just a few steps if necessary. It is also available as a spare part in specialized shops.

TR-80-INT Bubble deflector

Bubble deflector
Our bubble deflector is a step up from the previous standard. It directs gas bubbles away from their field of vision, but in conjunction with our enlarged exhalation membrane, it also lowers exhalation work, increasing the overall breathing comfort of our second stages.

Technical Details:

Connection: DIN 300 bar / Balanced first and second stages / Environmentally sealed first stage / Sandblasted brass, matte chrome finish / Ports: 2HP 7/16UNF, 4 LP 3/8UNF / Anti-Freeflow Design of Front Cover and Ring / Adjustable Venturi / Adjustable second stage

Badge designed in germany lightgrey

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Weight 1,30 kg
Dimensions 29,00 × 19,00 × 9,00 cm
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