VISIT US! Singapore: Adex Ocean Week, 12. – 14.04. / Thailand: Dive Expo Bangkok, 16. – 19.05.

Singapore: Adex Ocean Week, 12. – 14.04.
Thailand: Dive Expo Bangkok, 16. – 19.05.


Our Masks

Single or double lens, high vision angle, low volume, ultra-clear glass, and soft silicone skirt with interchangeable silicone or textile mask strap. Seeing the world under water is our motivation for diving. Quality and comfort for your stay under water.


Ultra-clear two-lens mask

Our Ultra-clear two-lens mask has less distance between the lenses and your forehead, improving vision and clarity and making it very easy and fast to drain. In addition, its polycarbonate lenses can be easily modified to correct your eyesight or can be completely replaced by your optician.

The silicone mask skirt consists of a very soft facial seal and has quick disconnect/release buckles on each side. This allows the classic silicone mask strap to be replaced by an elastic textile strap that can be easily adjusted to fit your head size. Having a Quick Disconnect system will save you a dive someday…

Our Ultra-clear anti-fog lenses significantly improve underwater vision by allowing up to 94% light transmission. Unlike conventional float glass lenses with a transmission rate of 86% only, Ultra-clear lenses do not show the green tint from standard glass. These polycarbonate next-generation lenses provide incredible clarity and true colours.

Mask Two Glass

different colours available

Our Masks

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