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Frequently asked questions

1. Shop our products

Where can I buy DYNAMICNORD dive gear?

DYNAMICNORD products are only available through Authorized DYNAMICNORD dealers and through our on-line shop. It’s the only way to receive the 100% warranty after you have registered your purchase. You can find a dealer near you by using our GPS locator (find your dealer section).

Why should you buy from an authorized dealer?

Products purchased through unauthorized retailers are considered third-party sales and are not eligible for DYNAMICNORD warranty protection, service, or support.

2. Warranty & product registration

How can I know if my product is under warranty?

Your warranty begins from the date of purchase and submission of the registration form. You can register directly by accessing the Product Registration page. Warranty details can be reviewed here.

It is important to register my products?

All DYNAMICNORD products come with a two (2) year warranty period. Registration is the best way to establish original ownership and ensure quick and easy repairs and service.

How do I register my new dive equipment?

When you purchase products from an Authorized DYNAMICNORD Dealer, your dealer can register your product for you, or you can do it yourself from our Product Registration section on this website.

3. Product services

How can I obtain an Owner's Manual for my product?

Owner’s manuals are available as a free download here.

How do I buy repair parts for my DYNAMICNORD product?

Consumers cannot buy repair or service parts. Due to legal obligations and local existing liability laws, repairing and servicing is only allowed for certified service and repair partners. This can be your authorized dealer, an authorized service center or our own DYNAMICNORD service center. Please see the link.

Where do I get my DYNAMICNORD product serviced?

Find your local Authorized Dealer & Service facility. You can use the Dealer Locator function here or contact our own service here.

4. User registration & data protection

Why I should register as a user on DYNAMICNORD website?

Registering on our website offers many advantages. Receive news, participate in contests, interact in our blog, and more!

Are my data secure?

Our privacy policy can be reviewed here.

5. DYNAMCINORD‘s responsibility

How does DYNAMICNORD approach issues of Corporate Social Responsibility?

The actions that companies take have significant impacts on the lives of citizens in the EU and around the world. Not just in terms of the products and services they offer or the jobs and opportunities they create, but also in terms of working conditions, human rights, health, the environment, innovation, education, and training.

What is CSR?

The European Commission has defined CSR as the responsibility of enterprises for their impact on society and, therefore, it should be company led. Companies can become socially responsible by:

  • integrating social, environmental, ethical, consumer, and human rights concerns into their business strategy and operations.
  • Following the law.

How does DYNAMICNORD approach issues of environmental responsibility?

The EU has some of the world’s highest environmental standards, developed over decades. Environmental policy helps the EU economy become more environmentally friendly, protects Europe’s natural resources, and safeguards the health and wellbeing of people living in the EU.
EU environmental policies and legislation protect natural habitats, keep air and water clean, ensure proper waste disposal, improve knowledge about toxic chemicals, and help businesses move toward a sustainable economy.

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