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Drysuits for Safe & Comfortable Dives

Our RS series drysuits for both men and women are made with 350 g/m² ripstop fabric, which is a tear-resistant material that features thicker, high-strength nylon threads woven into it. This fabric is used in equipment that requires high durability and resilience, making it an ideal choice for our drysuits and dry diving. A drysuit enables divers to dive in cold water or at greater depths without getting wet. When dry diving, it is especially important to ensure the dive is conducted safely as the conditions underwater can often be extreme. Therefore, a high-quality drysuit is essential. Compared to neoprene wetsuits, a diving drysuit, in combination with a warm undergarment, provides much better insulation and protection from cold and wetness. A DYNAMICNORD drysuit is an excellent choice for this purpose.

RS Series Drysuit

Waterproof and Flexible

The cut of the drysuit allows for complete freedom of movement, making the dive safe and comfortable, and preventing excess air from moving within the suit during the dive. The drysuit is closed with a TiZip zipper, which is protected by a flap from the shoulder to the hip. Our inlet and outlet valves can be dosed perfectly. The inlet valve can be upgraded with a connection for electrically heated underwear, and the outlet valve can be adjusted according to the dive profile. The wrist seals are HD bottle-neck cuffs and made of high-strength latex.

The neck seal on the suit is made of 3mm neoprene and offers additional warmth protection in this sensitive area during the dive. The 7mm thick neoprene hood has an air vent system and keeps the head warm and comfortable. Two leg pockets on the drysuit are attached using the multipurpose Molle system. It is also possible to attach different types of pockets or other accessories, depending on the dive profile and needs.

The double ripstop zones on the elbows, knees, and crotch protect these stressed areas but still allow for complete freedom of movement, even during extended diving trips. The socks are made of 3mm thick, double-sided, cross-layered neoprene, with ankle straps, fin strap stoppers, and a protective but highly flexible sole.

We offer customers great alteration services when purchasing our drysuit. If boots are required in a different shoe size or the neck or wrist cuffs need to be adjusted, we offer this service free of charge. Our own service center in Germany ensures a fast and smooth alteration service.

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