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Dynaskins: The Revolution in Water Sports Apparel

Dynaskin, our groundbreaking water-specific material, is the ultimate choice for watersports enthusiasts, divers, and surfers. Unlike conventional neoprene, this innovative technology provides an outstanding solution for maintaining your body temperature consistently, whether used as a diving undergarment or as standalone apparel for other watersports.

With the integration of Polartec®, our Dynaskin offers unrestricted protection against the elements, be it wind, water, or cold, and it feels like a second skin, even during diving. The three-layer construction ensures exceptional performance in all conceivable weather conditions. Dive into the future of watersports with our Dynaskins – the key to warmth, protection, and flexibility in every adventure.


Dynaskin - Your Ultimate Choice for Comfort and Flexibility While Diving

Dynaskin ensures that you feel dry even when you’re wet, providing a top-notch diving experience. The one-piece or two-piece Dynaskin suit is perfect for dives in warm waters. Its material is softer and more elastic than traditional neoprene, making Dynaskin the perfect alternative.

These innovative wetsuits offer flexibility and impressive freedom of movement underwater and on the surface. They are resistant to UV rays and odors, drying quickly, making them a sustainable choice.

Dynaskin is suitable not only for divers but also for watersports enthusiasts. As ideal water sport attire, they provide the freedom of movement that surfers and other watersports enthusiasts require.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, Dynaskin is the perfect choice for you. These wetsuits come in various designs, including socks, short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and hooded variants, tailored to the needs of both genders.

  • DY-62

    Dynaskin Fullsuit Frontzip

    Includes 19% VAT


  • DY-41

    Dynaskin Short Pants Men

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-32

    Dynaskin Shirt Long Sleeve Women

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-52

    Dynaskin Long Pants Women

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-61

    Dynaskin Fullsuit Frontzip

    Includes 19% VAT


  • DY-10

    Dynaskin Hood

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-21

    Dynaskin Shirt Short Sleeve Men

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-20

    Dynaskin Socks

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-11

    Dynaskin Fullsuit Men

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-31

    Dynaskin Shirt Long Sleeve Men

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-22

    Dynaskin Shirt Short Sleeve Women

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-12

    Dynaskin Fullsuit Women

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-42

    Dynaskin Short Pants Women

    Includes 19% VAT
  • DY-51

    Dynaskin Long Pants Men

    Includes 19% VAT

Furthermore, Dynaskins can also be used as undergarments beneath a drysuit, highlighting their versatility and adaptability to various diving conditions.

And the best part? Dynaskins are not only of the highest quality but also affordable wetsuits suitable for every budget. Their lightweight and flexibility make them the ideal choice when space and weight are limited.

With Dynaskin, you choose the ultimate alternative to a neoprene suit, securing a diving experience characterized by flexibility, comfort, and sustainability. Dive in and experience the best that modern diving gear has to offer.


Original Polartec® Technology

Powered by Polartec®, our Dynaskin provides maximum weather protection from wind, water, and cold conditions, acting as your second skin. Its three layers work together, giving incredible results in any weather conditions.

External layer

Composed of Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex, which are strongly compressed, hindering the penetration of water or external humidity, but also remaining stretchy at the same time.

Intermediate Layer

Windbloc’s membrane blocks outside moisture and airflow at the microscopic level to guarantee weather protection and breathability.

Inner Layer

Composed of a soft polar fleece that retains body heat and absorbs moisture.

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