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Our Ambassadors

We are proud of our ambassadors. We are supported by a team of fisrt-class ambassadors made up of marine biologist, deep divers, professional photographers, cave divers, etc, all of them good professionals, commited to the values and philosophy of DYNAMICNORD, and who are an example for many people.

The relationship we have with our ambassadors is very important for us. The relationship of mutual trust validates our work and helps us to improve every day, both personally and professionally.

We believe that an importat part of a brand’s personality is precisely its ambassadors.


I have dived on five continents: Asia, America, Oceania, Africa, and Europe. I dream of diving the 6th continent, Antartica.

Brigitte Leccia

Tech diver, France

A nurse by profession, I have been diving since the age of 25.

After having passed several certifications, level 3 CMAS, and Dive Master, I found myself attracted to technical diving, so I became a certified diver with Nitrox. I then also certified in CCR (closed circuit rebreather), and I trained on four different machines: Apdiving with the Evolution, rEvo with the mini rEvo, and Innerspace with the Megalodon and the Pathfinder.

I was still eager for more, and I passed even more challenging exams: full trimix CCR and full cave CCR, and I certified in three different schools TDI, IANTD, NSS-CDS.

Being passionate about underwater photography, I also have a professional diver class 2B diploma, and I have published several articles in various diving magazines.

As a great nature lover, I am often in the water, be it for swimming, sports, water walks, or collecting sea urchins…  If I am not in the water, I try to trek around the world.

Evelyn Segura

Biologist Spain

My love for science in general and biology in particular grew over the years to become my passion. The truth is that I was a child with very diverse tastes. I loved writing, painting, and interpreting, and I had an enormous curiosity about everything around me. I found it very difficult to decide what to study when the time came. I chose biology because I felt it was the right place for me. The science of life.

Before I graduated in Biology, I had already started my relationship with the microphone. For seven years, I was part of the coordination team at a marine biology conference at the university and I gave my first lectures on marine conservation.

I worked for several years in different organizations as an environmental educator until I undertook one of my life projects. I decided to travel around our beautiful planet for more than a year. I went around the world, but in fact, the world went around my life.


Biologist by vocation and science communicator by nature. A marine lover, but an all-rounder in practice.
Conservationist through the beauty of written, told and illustrated stories.


Protecting nature through consicious love.

During the following years I coordinated citizen science and environmental volunteering projects, advised in different conservation and communication projects, and created my YouTube channel, “Los mares de Evelyn”.

In 2015, by chance, I entered the world of television as a presenter on the popular science TV show “¡Qué animal!” on La 2 of Televisión Española. We are currently filming the seventh season.

Since 2018 I have been on the team at Aruser@s, the morning magazine TV show on LaSexta, where I share my knowledge and passion for natural wonders.

The stars of my weekly reports for España Directo on TVE’s La1 are wildlife from all over the country and the professionals who work to defend the conservation of such a valuable natural heritage.

I am passionate about telling nature’s hidden stories, whether on television, on the radio, at conferences, or in my book, “Adapt or Die, Nature’s Secrets to Survive in the Animal World”.

For me, what I tell is as important as how I tell it. What is said and how it is said go hand in hand. Protecting nature through conscious love.

I have always lived next to the sea. I got on a boat for the first time at the age of 6 months, and I still haven’t got off. When my friends had motorbikes, I had a small zodiac. 

Lorenzo Bramanti

Scientist, Italy

If I have to say something about why I do what I do, I can only say, I had no great vocation, mission, or call to protect our blue big brother… I have simply always lived next to the sea. I got on a boat for the first time at the age of 6 months, and I still haven’t got off. When my friends had motorbikes, I had a small zodiac. 

In my family, on my father’s side I had my grandfather, who was a rebreather diver with the Italian Navy Seals. On my mother’s side they were all university professors. And my father dived and fished just like my aunt and uncle. I’m a scientist. I don’t seek enlightenment, I don’t have a mission. I am a “curiosus naturae”: I like to understand how things work and I can’t live far from the sea.  

Since 2010 I have worked with the GFCM (General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean) at the FAO on the management and conservation of Mediterranean red coral, and with the UNDP (United Nations Development Program) on the development of Marine Protected Areas in Djibouti (Africa). I also work as a scientific consultant with the Djibouti Port Authority in the assessment of shipwreck damage to the Djibouti coral reef.

I am a member of the scientific committee of the Marie Cerbere/Banyuls reserve and the LABEX CORAIL laboratory of excellence.

I have authored more than 80 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, am a co-author of two books on corals, and co-editor of two SPRINGER books on marine animal forests.

My research has always focused on corals, from individuals (ecophysiology, life history traits) to populations (modelling of population and metapopulation dynamics), including functional ecology (role of coral forests), both in the Mediterranean and in the tropics, with the main objective of understanding population dynamics and predicting their changes under climate change and human disturbance scenarios. 

In recent years, thanks to the French government’s authorization to use the rebreather for research diving, I have extended my interests to mesophotic coral ecosystems inhabiting between 50 and 150 meters depth. I participated in the DEEPHOPE expedition (French Polynesia) in 2019 with the Under the Pole association. 

I am the organizer of the first workshop on mesophotic coral ecosystems in the Mediterranean, held in Banyuls sur Mer in July 2021. Further, I am the leader of the French fleet expedition for the exploration of mesophotic ecosystems in Cape Verde, to be held in 2022. 

For the next 10 years I will be the scientific director of the DEEPLIFE Under the Pole (UTP) expedition, which will focus on mesophotic animal forests around the world. 

I have been diving since I was a kid, becoming a PADI Instructor in 1996 and an SSI Instructor in 2007. I was certified as a Closed-Circuit Rebreather diver in 2010 and I am certified as an Advanced European Scientific Diver (AESD), AAUS diver (American Association for Underwater Science), and French professional diver (Class IIIB).


In 1984, he started caving and outdoor activities and learned to dive in 1987 to extend his underground exploration to its ultimate expression. 

Frank Vasseur

Cave Diver, France

Frank discovered naturalism and outdoor activities as a teenager through scouting. 

In 1984, he started caving and outdoor activities and learned to dive in 1987 to extend his underground exploration to its ultimate expression. 

Gradually, he acquired the knowledge, the mastery of equipment, and the specific techniques to expand his field of intervention. He shares his skills by providing training as an instructor.

Today he is an instructor trainer in cave diving, synthetic gas mixtures, and closed-circuit rebreathers.

His explorations are centered on the knowledge of this exceptional environment. In France as well as during expeditions abroad, each discovery of virgin galleries implies that tangible elements must be retrieved in order to be shared (topographies, reports, photographs, films), so that a discovery can be enjoyed by others, and not only the privileged person who makes it.

After having served as a lighting technician for others, the advent of digital technology has shifted him to the other side of the lens. In an approach that is more empirical than technical, he focuses on the pixels by photographing and creating video of places that have never been photographed before. His aim is to magnify, aestheticize and sublimate this environment, where ignorance can be disastrous.

He actively collaborates with local authorities, scientific organizations and cave owners to involve speleological exploration in the management of natural areas and associated resources. He has made several discoveries about cave fauna.

He is the author of several books on underground diving and his technical manual has become a reference work for several training organizations.

His skills are used to train certain constituted bodies in non-free subsurface diving (Fire Brigade, National Police).

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