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Dive shop for Dynaskins

Buy online and dive in: Comfort and protection with Dynaskin dive undersuits and suits for watersports enthusiasts from DYNAMICNORD!

Dive into an unparalleled diving experience with the high-quality Dynaskin dive undersuits and suits made from 100% recycled Polartec® material for all watersports enthusiasts! Our exclusive undersuits and suits for both women and men are environmentally friendly, providing protection against cooling underwater while ensuring optimal comfort and freedom of movement. In the DYNAMICNORD online shop, explore our fantastic Dynaskin range, including full suits, shirts, pants, socks, and hoods, perfect for all watersports fans seeking the ultimate adventure.

Compared to traditional neoprene suits, Dynaskin suits set new standards. Whether worn as an undersuit under a drysuit or wetsuit or as a suit in warm waters, Dynaskins not only offer additional warmth on the skin but also provide an excellent fit and functionality. From long-sleeved full suits to shorts and hoods, DYNAMICNORD has the perfect solution for every need.

Whether you want to dive in tropical waters or explore dive sites in central and northern Europe, our Dynaskin suits ensure optimal warmth and protection. Even while snorkeling, surfing, or swimming in the tropics, our suits offer reliable protection against sunburn and jellyfish stings. Order today from the DYNAMICNORD online shop and secure the best Dynaskin one-piece or two-piece for an unforgettable and comfortable diving experience!

Order now online: Dynaskin dive undersuits and suits for ultimate protection and unbeatable comfort.

Features and material of Dynaskin suits from DYNAMICNORD:

Dynaskin dive undersuits and suits from DYNAMICNORD provide an unparalleled diving experience and stand out for outstanding features that ensure maximum comfort and optimal protection. The high-quality material is specially designed for maximum performance in the water. The Polartec® material is made entirely from recycled material. Approximately 1.5 million plastic bottles are recycled and processed into Polartec® material each year.

Dynaskin suits are made of a unique material that effectively repels wind, water, and cold while fitting like a second skin. The original Polartec® technology is environmentally friendly, ensuring the highest quality and creating the perfect foundation for a comfortable and secure diving experience.


  1. Polartec® technology: The entire Dynaskin range is made from 100% recycled material.
  2. Optimal thermal insulation: Dynaskin dive undersuits and suits are designed to reliably retain body heat and protect against cooling underwater.
  3. Excellent freedom of movement: The flexible material allows unrestricted movements during diving, snorkeling, or other watersports activities.
  4. Quick drying: Due to the special material composition, dive undersuits, one-pieces, and two-pieces dry quickly, providing a comfortable feel and easy maintenance.
  5. UV protection: Dynaskin suits offer effective protection against harmful UV radiation, making them ideal for sunny diving adventures in the tropics.
  6. Diverse designs: From long-sleeved full suits to shirts, pants, socks, and hoods – DYNAMICNORD offers a well-thought-out Dynaskin range.

Dynaskin dive undersuits and suits are the optimal choice for those who demand the highest standards from their diving equipment. Order now from the DYNAMICNORD online shop and experience the highest comfort paired with outstanding functionality!

Experience dynamic variety online: From full suits to hoods, discover the Dynaskins at DYNAMICNORD!

Diverse range in the DYNAMICNORD dive shop:

Dive into a world of possibilities at DYNAMICNORD! In addition to our unique Dynaskins, we offer an extensive range of high-quality wetsuits, drysuits, rashguards, regulators, buoyancy compensators, and much more for additional protection during your diving adventures.

Order now at DYNAMICNORD and equip yourself for your next diving experience. Your favorite diving gear is waiting to be discovered by you! Dive in and get ready for unforgettable underwater experiences with DYNAMICNORD – your reliable partner for high-quality diving equipment.

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