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Our international team brings decades of experience in practice and diving techniques. We are passionate, enterprising and sensitive to the world around us.

DYNAMICNORD was born from an initial idea in 2018 and became the personal project of its founder. He began to assemble a team with a sense of nature and human relationships, drawing from a large pool of experience above and below the water.

Like nature as a model of diversity – this team is composed of members of different nationalities and cultures. Our shared vision of the future, allows us to create a new brand that is sustainable, dynamic, innovative and global.

At our headquarters in Germany, all individual team members work together in our various departments and are committed to this vision. They work in design, development, production, sales and administration. We are confident that this great team will continue to grow each year.

Our philosophy

We meticulously select our raw materials according to the contamination levels that their production entails, as well as their degradation. For example, we have eliminated PU (the most polluting plastic) from our products and we are constantly testing recycled materials and other non-polluting new-generation components.

The human impact on our environment is already very evident, and it is our responsibility, especially in the face of the next generations, to change our attitude regarding our treatment and exploitation of nature.

As Charles Darwin said, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one that most adapts to change.”

We are constantly testing recycled materials and other non-polluting new generation components.


Our Diving Gear – Fully tested

To create our products, we begin from the premise “innovation – credibility – functionality”. Any innovation must be credible and to be credible it must be functional.

Above all, we are divers, and as followers of this sport, we know what we need. DYNAMICNORD products combine effective protection with considerable ease of movement, the two basic requirements for working underwater. Rigorous testing is conducted on all our products prior to a full‐fledged product launch. Once a new design has been thoroughly tested in‐house, we turn to our expert team of test divers for the final round of evaluations.

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Our product range

Our focus

is to make you love DYNAMICNORD products and be proud to use them.
In our design department we do not want to create ephemeral and fashionable products. We want to provide you with reliable equipment to explore nature and the ocean depths.

DYNAMICNORD products are driven by emotions – we create products based on a deep understanding of the diver’s needs and desires. 

What are the non-visible elements that enhance your diving performance? What kind of products help you create an unforgettable diving experience? What is your perfect “adventure gear”?

This discussion is supported by the experience and input of our founder, Martin Kusche, and the international team of people he has built around him. We believe that drawing on their experience is irreplaceable in designing the best possible products from scratch.


Asking the right questions

is at the core of our processes. Going through the process of defining and answering those questions helps us prepare our most visible design work.
Development for every new product starts with a wide range of questions – to understand the product, to put it in the right context, to generate new ideas by understanding the core requirements of the product, and to observe the user and his attitude towards the product – just to mention a few basics.

With this approach, we are generating innovations that often lead to the development of patentable solutions designed by our team in Germany.
For the development of our integrated weight system, for example, we have been able to set a new standard of innovation unmatched by current state-of-the-art products. The approach is advantageous: the aesthetic part of the design is predefined by this process and ready to be worked on in detail. This is where our design language comes into play.

Design Language

is a very important aspect of our DYNAMICNORD products. Once a new product is conceptualized, we focus on making it part of the DYNAMICNORD product family. Our design language helps us bring all the different types of products together under one big roof. All “family members” share the same ideological perspective, such as environmentally friendly production, sustainable materials, and development approach. Finally, the brand and its family members are also defined by a common visual aspect; consistency in design and appearance generate the same emotion for the user: DYNAMICNORD products are reliable and original products for the outdoors.

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Colour Concept

Just as our team, our products are colourful and diverse. Each colour is selected carefully to match our DYNAMICNORD product family and to ensure you find your favourite companion.

Collage of the Dynamicnord color concept
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