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Test SP-72 wetsuit 7mm and fins RF-40 from DYNAMICNORD

DYNAMICNORD comes from Germany, more precisely from Bavaria. At boot 2023, Martin Kusche and his team presented their products, which are praised as sustainable, dynamic and innovative, for the first time. A reason for us to take a closer look at them and test whether the selected articles deserve these attributes.

Text and photos: Hans “Shuttle” Schach


Suit: Visually, the design and colour scheme (black/red) of the suit is already appealing. We ordered the standard size M for test person Birgit and were pleasantly surprised: the suit is easy to put on, the soft inner lamination, which feels pleasant and warm, allows the lady to slide in easily and the size fits. The size chart available on the manufacturer’s website is therefore reliable. 

The large, easy-to-grip zips at the wrists and ankles work excellently, and closing the sealed back zip is unproblematic. The movement check (squatting and reaching backwards) is also perfect.  The suit feels comfortable and flexible, there is no feeling of pressure at the seams here on the surface. Shoulder and knee protectors are nicely integrated and do not restrict flexibility in these areas.

Fins: The design of the foot part and the sole is pleasing, the “hand check” regarding deformation signals a presumably good power transmission to the blade. We will soon find out if this is the case when we go diving. An interesting feature is the quick-release fastening by means of a bungee strap, which allows small length adjustments without tools. In this way, the same fins should be able to be used in both wet and dry suit boots. The so-called heel pad has a large finger loop that is easy to grip even with gloves. The silicone bungee strap has small “fins”: If you turn them in one direction or the other, the strap shortens or lengthens.


So what’s the deal with sustainability? According to the manufacturer, the R&D department works according to the guidelines and premises of important institutions for the protection and sustainability of the environment, both in the sea and on land. Recycled materials and other environmentally friendly components are constantly tested. More specifically, a so-called limestone neoprene, i.e. limestone from mining, is used for the neoprene to replace petrochemicals; furthermore, carbon black pyrolysed from used tyres. According to the manufacturer, this reduces both energy consumption and CO₂ emissions. The fabric dyeing process is said to save up to 60% water and energy. For the fins, the inserts of the foot parts are made from PP waste, the suspension hooks from PC waste. Approaches that please!


The practical test, test conditions: The water temperature was on average 15° Celsius, the maximum depth around 20 metres, the duration of the dive: 45 minutes.

To say this right away: The dive at this length / temperature was very pleasant, i.e. proceeded without freezing. This shows the good sealing of the joints, i.e. the seals on the wrists and ankles, as well as the sealing of the back zip, which did not let any water through: in our opinion a top insulation performance. The subsequent drying time (hung up on a breezy terrace) was in the good average range.

About the fin: The propulsion is absolutely satisfactory, the fin swimming fatigue-free and the shape and size of the fin blade indeed allows all technical and recreational kicks. Backward diving was also possible without any problems. DYNAMICNORD recommends this fin as an all-rounder for sport divers, a recommendation we can sign after this practical test.


For around 599.00 euros, the SP-72 is a suit that provides pleasant warmth in the thick seven millimetre version and can certainly be dived for a long time in German lakes, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic or waters with cooler temperatures. In our opinion, this is a high-quality, well-designed product. With a price of around 149.00 Euros, the fins are very good value for money, allow all common fin techniques without any problems and provide the necessary propulsion well.

Facts Suit 
– Manufacturer: DYNAMICNORD, Germany
– Price: (SP series) 529,00 to 599,00 €
– Weight: 2,44 kg,
– Colour: black/red
– Material: 80% neoprene (limestone neoprene), 20% nylon
– Gender: female
– Size: S, ST, M, MT, L, LT, XL, 2XL, M+, L+, XL+, 2XL+
– Thickness: available in 5 mm and 7 mm, 7 mm version class A thermal protection.
– Reinforcements: Shoulder and knee protectors
– Sealing: Sealed back zip, sealed wrists

Facts Fins
– Manufacturer: DYNAMICNORD, Germany
– Price: RF-40 149,00 €
– Gender: Unisex
– Size: M, L, XL
– Colour: blue, grey, orange, pink, red, yellow
– Length: 66 cm (M) – 74 cm (XL)
– Weight: 1,8 kg (M) – 2,6 kg (XL)
– Fastening: Bungee strap, small length adjustments without the use of tools.

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