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Freediving Wetsuit 5mm-2pcs. Hooded


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Yamamoto Grade 39/45 100% CR neoprene

Flex lamination for ultra 4-way stretch

Super Flexible and Comfortable

Open Cell-3.5 & 5 mm

Antibacterial properties

Low friction, reducing muscle fatigue

Double-clip system beaver tail – 2 pc suits

Built-in loading chest pad

Reinforced knees and rear

Vented hood releases excess air

Slim fit

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Our Yamamoto 39/45 grade CR wetsuit is super flexible and comfortable. Its outer laminate is 4-way stretch. It incorporates a ventilated hood to release excess air, a load-bearing chest pad, and reinforced knees and back. 3.5 and 5mm open-cell neoprene inner, double beavertail clip fastening system, and anti-bacterial properties.
Freedive Suit Fins SFS-2, SFS-3, SFS-5, SGH, AF-70 blue Spearfishing 01 Mood
Badge designed in germany lightgrey
Freedive Suit 2 pieces Fins Snorkel SFS-2, SFS-3, SFS-5, AF-70, SC-10 Spearfishing 02 Mood

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